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White Man's Burden

This resource collects British and American texts and political cartoons justifying overseas imperialism during the late 19th century. Its goal is to encourage critical analysis of the ways in which imperialist endeavors were strongly racialized.

This lesson addresses state teaching standards:

I. US HISTORY J. Reshaping the Nation and the Emergence of Modern America, 1877-1916: Students will examine the causes of the Spanish-American war and analyze its effects on foreign policy, national identity, and the debate over the new role of America as a growing power in the Pacific and Latin America.

III. WORLD HISTORY G. Age of Empires and Revolutions, 1640 AD - 1920 AD: 1. Students will explain the rise of U.S. influence in the Americas and the Pacific. 2. Students will analyze the motives and consequences of European imperialism in Africa and Asia. 3. Students will compare motives and methods of various forms of colonialism and various colonial powers.

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