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Urbanization and Migration in the Developing World

The following graph, map, video and news report provide a general overview of urbanization trends since 1950, in addition to specific stories of urban migrants in Asia. The goal of this lesson is to provide an understanding of the scale of recent urbanization in different global regions and the diverse roles that migrants play in contributing to urbanization.

This lesson addresses state teaching standards:

III. WORLD HISTORY G. Age of empires and Revolutions, 1640 - 1920: The student will demonstrate knowledge of the effects of the Industrial Revolution during the 19th century.

III. WORLD HISTORY I. The Post-War Period, 1945 - Present: Students will describe and analyze processes of "globalization" as well as persistent rivalries and inequalities among the world's regions, and assess the successes and failures of various approaches to address these.

V. GEOGRAPHY C. Spatial Organization: Students will use the concepts of push and pull factors to explain the general patterns of human movement in the modern era, including international migration, migration within the United States and major migrations in other parts of the world.

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