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Projecting Maps, Making Representations

merc2.jpgThis resource compares four different world maps. Its goals are to encourage critical thinking about maps as representations and to show how maps influence the ways in which one conceptualizes the world.

There is not a specific state standard for 9-12 Geography that deals with map distortion, though many teachers may find this useful as an introductory activity or an exercise in critical thinking.

This lesson addresses state teaching standards:

IV. HISTORICAL SKILLS B. Historical Resources: 1. Students will identify, describe, and extract information from various types of historical sources, both primary and secondary. 2. Students will assess the credibility and determine appropriate use of different sorts of sources.

V. GEOGRAPHY B. Essential Skills: The student will use maps, globes, geographic information systems, and other databases to answer geographic questions at a variety of scales from local to global.

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