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Brain Drain: Healthcare Workers

This resource uses a map and newspaper articles to provide a broad overview of the contemporary 'brain drain' of healthcare workers. Its goal is to further understanding of the general dynamics of contemporary migrations of healthcare workers and to stimulate thinking about the implications of this movement for sending and destination countries, as well as for the migrants themselves.

Columbian Exchange

This resource consists of texts and images dealing with the Columbian Exchange. Its goals is to evaluate the mixed consequences of the Columbian Exchange by examining two of its most infamous elements: small pox and chocolate.

Demographic Trends, Fertility and Migration

This resource consists of graphs and articles that review general demographic changes and related national policies on migration. The goal is to provide information about general population trends, while encouraging a critical examination of policies, such as replacement migration, which are designed to address these trends.

Eugenics, Race, and Immigration Restriction

This resource consists of primary documents about the international eugenics movements in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Its goal is to show how eugenics influenced immigration laws and how eugenics theories and policies circulated across national boundaries as tools of the state in controlling population and immigration.

This lesson addresses state teaching standards:
I. US HISTORY J. Reshaping the Nation and the Emergence of Modern America, 1877-1916: Students will demonstrate knowledge of the imposition of racial segregation, African American disfranchisement, and growth of racial violence in the post-reconstruction South, the rise of "scientific racism," and the debates among African-Americans about how best to work for racial equality.

This resource couples a visual and descriptive map of urban ethnic enclaves with an oral interview by an immigrant growing up in New York City. Its goal is to provide different ways of "mapping" or understanding life for immigrants living in cities at the turn of the century.

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