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Muslim Migration to Europe

Immigration to and migration within Europe has significantly increased since the mid-Twentieth Century. A lot of migration has been within Europe, especially by Eastern Europeans as well as migrants from North African countries. Since the 1960s, the percentage of immigrants to Europe who are Muslim has significantly increased. The settlement of Muslim communities in Europe has sparked many debates about European immigration and integration policies. This teaching module will explore the migration of Muslims to Europe and the history of immigration and citizenship policies in European countries.

III. WORLD HISTORY I. The Post-War Period, 1945 - Present: The student will demonstrate knowledge of significant political and cultural developments of the late 20th century that affect global relations.

Racial Encounters in Colonial America

This resource reprints European engravings of Amerindians in colonial New Spain and New Portugal. Its goal is to explain how ideas about race contributed to European justifications of conquest and colonization.

This lesson addresses state teaching standards:
V. US HISTORY B. Three Worlds Converge, 1450 - 1763: The student will understand how European exploration and colonization resulted in cultural and ecological interactions among previously unconnected peoples.

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