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Brain Drain: Healthcare Workers

This resource uses a map and newspaper articles to provide a broad overview of the contemporary 'brain drain' of healthcare workers. Its goal is to further understanding of the general dynamics of contemporary migrations of healthcare workers and to stimulate thinking about the implications of this movement for sending and destination countries, as well as for the migrants themselves.

This resource consists of maps and texts about climate change and its impact on migration. Its goal is to reveal how less developed regions such as Africa suffer disproportionately from climate change and to stimulate critical thinking about possible ways to mitigate the harmful effects of climate change.

This lesson addresses state teaching standards:
V. GEOGRAPHY D. Interconnectedness: Students will understand and analyze examples of the impacts of natural hazards on human activities and land use.

Involuntary Migration: Testimonies of Women Refugees

This resource includes memoirs of two women who were forced to flee civil conflicts in their countries. The goal is to further the understanding of how men and women experience political and religious exile differently.

Transnational Social Networks: Historically and Today

This resource compares oral history and in-depth interviews about two different periods of immigration to the United States. Its goal is to complicate notions of migration as a unidirectional and permanent activity.

This lesson addresses state teaching standards:

II. MINNESOTA HISTORY G. Post-World War II to the Present: Benchmark 2. Students will identify and describe significant demographic changes in Minnesota and issues related to those changes and analyze the significance of their impact. 3. Hispanic, African and Southeast Asian immigrants, growth of suburbs, rural population loss

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