May 25, 2006


What is it about Revolutions that makes it a tool for social change, How does Revolutions relates to Philosophy? Are all Revolutions violent? Waht makes a Revolution? When do you know this is a Revolution vs. a bunch of rebels?

These are quesitons for all of us. We meet tomorrow at 3:30pm to talk about Revolutions. Have you ever thought of seating in your bathroom and thinking about how you are going to affect change? How about having a gun to your head and thinking well, what do i do now?

Revolutions have been a part of our lives in so many ways. Violent Revolutions has had its own impact, Nonviolent Revolutions has also presented itself with positive association.

Join us at 3:30pm Friday.


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October 25, 2005

Has anyone visited Kyoto, Japan?

Hello all,
I am going to go to a student conference in Kyoto, Japan this winter in the middle of December and I was wondering if anyone has suggestions of things to do or see. I have never been to the country and will have about three days at the end of the conference to explore. I have no agenda and might be interested in going to a different city for those three days. Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks!

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October 19, 2005

Access to the University

Hi, This is Lily Shank, I am a current Global Studies Student, fourth year. I haven't been around the coffee hour too much this year because I've been involved with stopping the complete dismantling of the General College.

General College was a gate for entry to the University of Minnesota for students who didn't meet the numerical standards but have strengths and potential outside measurement (Like me, I was a GC student), a large percentage of students of color, low income students, first generation college students, non-traditional students and students with disabilities enter here.

The University decided to turn the college into a department last year, but now they are cutting the amount of students and years in half, making it nearly ineffective. If we don't stop them now, the whole program will disappear and access to the University will continue to be diminished year after year with hiking tuition, disappearing scholarships and grants, raising of numerical standards, etc.

Only students with a lot of money whose high schools had a lot of money to prepare them for standardized testing will be able to come here. Our global studies department has been a department focused on diversity of views and backgrounds, but the way the University is headed the campus will become more and more homogeneous. When we talk about globalization and people being disadvantaged by institutional power, it happens locally to real people, and it is happening here, now. This is the local site of a global struggle for building a more equal world through access to education.

Please join in a movement for equal access to education on this campus, We will be meeting friday oct 21 at 5:00 in Blegen 150, or e-mail me at, or check out the GCTM website at

October 11, 2005

From London

Hey everyone. I'm writing from London right now, as I'm participating in the BUNAC work abroad program for the next 6 months. I graduated from the U of MN in May and was previously the peer advisor for the 2004/2005 school year. If you're interested in work/volunteer abroad check out I just recently started working at a bar (yes I know, what a great way to use my undergraduate degree), but I am also looking for other opportunities while here in London. Wish me luck, if you want to e-mail me:

-Sabrina Zingler

October 10, 2005

Jobs in Europe?

So I'm graduating in May and do not want to sit behind a desk 40 hours a week. Anyone know of any possibilities for year-round jobs in Europe? I speak French well, Spanish not so well and enough Italian to have a conversation. Please help!

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