January 19, 2005

Assignment: Performing You AND Beginning to Blog

This week's assignment has two parts. Both parts of the assignment will be due by classtime Thursday, January 27.

Performing You: Come up with a short performance that reveals something about yourself to us. You could tell a story or joke, demonstrate a talent, or create an interpretive movement-based piece. A good start for considering what you might show us in performance might be the object you chose for today's exercise. Entertain us, move us, or make us think! Be creative, and choose a way to perform for us that you can be comfortable with. Your performance need be no longer than 1 1/2 to 2 minutes.

Beginning to Blog: Each week this semester you'll complete a short writing assignment on your own weblog. This method of turning in assignments will lend a great deal of flexibility to both of us, and later in the semester will be a communication tool as you work more extensively in small groups. Follow these steps:

-choose a weblog service. You might try www.blogger.com or the University service UThink at www.lib.umn.edu.

-create a weblog. The instructions on most websites are quite clear. Let me know if you have any difficulties.

-email me with the URL where your blog can be found. I'll comment on your postings once I receive this information from you.

-post a response to the readings for this week. What I’d like you to do is choose a line, quote, or passage from TWO of the four texts. What is the significance of each passage for you—insightful, challenging, connects to something you’ve been thinking about? What does each passage contribute to a discussion on what theatre IS and what theatre DOES? How do the two passages you’ve chosen connect to, contradict, or dialogue with one another? Finally, include in your posting any muddy points from these articles—ideas that are unclear or that you would like more information about.

**(please let me know RIGHT AWAY if you are unable to access the internet on a frequent enough basis for the purposes of this assignment. Much of your work this semester is designed to revolve around internet communication, but I am happy to make arrangements for you if necessary.)

Susan Glaspell’s Trifles (in the reader)
Excerpts from Pavis’s Dictionary of Theatre (reader)
Cassady’s Playwrighting Step by Step (reader)
Scene 1 of The Laramie Project, titled “Moment: A Definition” (bookstore)
New York Times article, “Don’t Blink: You Might Miss the Show”

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