February 10, 2005

Take a break from writing for a little bloody comedy

This week the time you spend for this class should, naturally, focus on the text analysis. However, to keep us progressing through this class you’ll be reading Charles Ludlam’s Stage Blood as well. It’s a quick and delightful read and ought to serve as a nice alternative to writing for an hour or so. It’s a send-up of the entire acting profession, but specifically tragedy and especially Hamlet. It indulges in lots of inside humor but will largely be accessible to any audience. Enjoy—and I think if you read it again at the end of the semester you’ll get nearly all the jokes!

o Please email me by Saturday evening (before I would wake up Sunday, in other words) with the thesis statement and audience you’re planning to work with. I will email you back by the end of the day Sunday with my comments.
o Don’t hesitate to call, email, or set up a meeting with me if you are having trouble.
o I encourage you to decide before next Thursday if you will be attending the peer response workshop. If you do, you should bring two copies to class on the 17th, one for me and one for you to take to the workshop. I will set your paper aside once you turn it in and wait to receive your new copy (the deadline for this is Monday Feb 21 at 10am—please email me your paper).
o Do write a short blog to process your ideas about Stage Blood. No need to write anything terribly extensive, but respond to this question: what is it that makes this tragedy work as a comedy?

Posted by glove006 at February 10, 2005 9:37 AM