March 24, 2005

A bit about the 'play and games' readings...

Thanks for a fun and playful class this week. We didn't speak about the readings directly, though I'd like to point out how many of the key ideas we dealt with--the time-wasting factor of game-playing, the imitative quality, the importance of rules and a leader, the way game-playing is separate from everyday life as well as regulated by society to be external to life. Also very important, we dealt with the way games and playing are related to theatre, and can provide a way of opening up possibilities and relationships and ways of thinking that we may not be able to access in our everyday lives. Perhaps this is why play gets regulated by the status quo.

Did any of you find these readings challenging? It wouldn't surprise me. I had to read them slowly myself to 'get' it. I'd like to encourage you to see these as a good indication of how to read STRATEGICALLY. One of the most important elements of effective college reading (and smart reading in general) is to read carefully and take what is most important. Think about hard readings as training--training you to know how to identify key ideas and to know how to deal with the 'bulk'. Read for strategic understanding, not to 'conquer' the reading with your immense brainpower. The more you read the better you'll get at it.

Thanks, everyone. Have a great week and enjoy reading about acting and picking a play for the final project.

Posted by glove006 at March 24, 2005 12:55 PM