March 31, 2005

Assignment: Going from the general to the particular, and back to the general again

Two parts to this week’s assignment!

1. Complete your blog by Tuesday, and respond to at least two of your groupmate’s blogs by Thursday. Each of the four writers you will read for next week have a different perspective about what needs to be considered in entering the theatrical process. Respond to EACH of the following with your initial impressions about the play your group is producing:
o After Clurman, what is the theme or spine of the play from your perspective?
o After Schechner, how might the environment or space of your production impact the transaction between performers and audience?
o After Bogart, how do you want to ‘enter’ into your production?
o After Jones, how might the energy or aura of your play extend into the physical realm? How might the physical elements evoke this energy?
Note: I am aware how early this is in your process and thoroughly expect your ideas to get more specific, to change, and to be informed by the activities we do in class. Consider this an exercise in Clurman’s suggestion: “I am not sure I know what I really think until I am able to articulate my intuitions and reflections in this way (p. 26).”

2. Bring in an object or image to class that makes physical or tangible your initial ideas and point of view about the play your group is producing. This is a less immediately intellectual exercise, and can provoke different ways of thinking. I encourage you to get creative with this! You might happen upon an object in your home or you may find initial library research in the quarto volumes to be helpful.

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