April 7, 2005

Your blogging assignment for the rest of the semester

Youíll note that there are no formal readings for the rest of the semester. From here on out your assignment is to Ďreadí your classmates. Take careful note of your groupmatesí insights and innovations, and times when you feel that you learn from them. Some possibilities:
o Pay attention to when your groupmates synthesize ideas into clear, well-articulated gems.
o When do you learn something because the people on your team see things in a way you hadnít before?
o How do your groupmates challenge you?
o When do group members persist through difficulties in the interest of group unity?
o Be on the lookout for traits in your groupmates that make for good collaborators.

Each week you should blog about at least one insight from EACH of your group members. I encourage you to read one anotherís blogs and learn from one anotherís people-readings as well. Think of this as active reflection on the work you are doing together, as well as an excuse to think good thoughts about each other.

Posted by glove006 at April 7, 2005 9:37 AM