October 18, 2008

Web Conferencing

I liked how easy the program uploaded my powerpoint. Very simple to setup for a meeting - a tool I will use in the future.

UM Chat and Twitter

It has been a long time since I joined live chat lines. Guess I stopped because it seemed impersonal.

I did wonder if our U of M Chat could be used for informal meetings while members of our group stayed home instead of requiring travel to a meeting place. Maybe more people would speak up than at a live meeting.

Students said they felt more connected by using Twitter and Chat, like the classroom extended out into the community. That concept seems valuable!

Productivity Tools

I found some interesting tools including: Zoho, Ta-da Lists, and Picnik. First, Zoho is interesting because I might need the word processor at a school setting or an online invoicing option when at an exhibit because the computer available to me may not have Word or Spreadsheet ability. Accessibility is a reality with one of 19 options. Second, Ta-da Lists might help me here at work as I create a list of what needs to be done during my work day. This tool could be a good reminder for me to bring what I need to the next horticulture day. I liked the reminder to send thank you notes as well. Finally, Picnik looked interesting because personal pictures get pulled up very quickly, and with this option repairs can still be made. Maybe students in my classroom can create quality pictures as a classroom project?

Wikis - my first experiences

I found the following suggested sites interesting to visit: Winter-Related Disaster Response, Violence in Schools, the U of M TWiki presentation, and Thomas Jefferson's wiki. I could send my students to a site such as Thomas Jefferson's to pull up information for a researched project. Factual - I am not sure, but there is much depth and choice provided to do research on. Also, Violence in Schools had tools that I can use as an educator to first keep the school setting safe and more specifically how to help our students both before or after a disaster (bullying and grieving). Finally, the Winter wiki offers quick information very similar to what U of M Extension does to solve various problems. Wisconsin's Extension even added a piece of what to do when your pipes freeze and how to repair.

LD Blog

I am behind on my 2.0 Extension learning, but I found learning details about podcasts fascinating. I am close to having a learning disability license so the podcast LD Podcasts looks interesting to me. The current interview focuses on what a recognized author in the field wrote regarding students areas of strengths.
The topics below that one also look interesting.

September 8, 2008

images and videos

I think the area of making things would be interesting with flickr. Some of these skills are challenging after missing a few lessons for a couple of weeks.


August 11, 2008

RSS Aggregate

I chose Blogline as my RSS. There are 3 feeds including: Extension 2.0, NPR Series: This I Believe, and Simply Recipes. Should be fun seeing and reading what comes through in the upcoming week. All of this still seems quite new, and I waiting to see if everything works simply or not. Still a little confused. Gary

First message

This is wonderful to use a new technology that I would normally choose to avoid. Last semester at college I took a media class that involved a few of these skills that we learn in this course but only a small fraction.
I hope that learning to blog will improve communication in Isanti County as I start a blog for Master Gardeners.
Thanks for the opportunity to learn what some very unfamilar terms mean and then how to use. Gary