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Happy Birthday to the Girls Scouts

By Eunice Haugen, GMD Registrar

The Girls Scouts are celebrating their 100th anniversary this year. This fact in itself does not stir much within me, but the image of this 1950's uniform in our collection does. Although this uniform pre-dates my time with the Scouts (c.1962-1969) it evokes many memories. My family was very poor and my mother very industrious. One of my first scouting uniforms was used and it was from the 1950's and looked very similar to the one in our collection. I was the only girl with a "vintage" uniform, if only I had looked at it that way; to me it was just one more way I was set apart from the group.

GMD1983030001-9-jpg634462298385509724.jpg GMD1983030001-8-jpg634462298275939724.jpg GMD1983030001-13-jpg634462298792189724.jpg

After I out grew the used uniform, or pleaded long enough to have an updated uniform, my mother made me my second uniform. Again I was the only one with a homemade uniform setting me apart from the other girls. In retrospect I realize it was very accommodating and loving of my mother to find the used uniform, probably alter to fit and make me the second uniform so that in her mind I would be like the rest of the girls.

By the time I reached Cadets in Junior High I made my own green skirt, and purchased the official white blouse. At the time, Dayton's department store had a section devoted just to Scouting including official fabric and patterns to make your own uniform. It was sort of the Sears and Roebuck's catalog of scouting...a place to dream of all the badges I could earn and aspire to, and the store bought uniform I never had.

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