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Needle Workers Group Visits GMD's Research Center

On Tuesday March 13, GMD received an enthusiastic visit from the North Oaks Villagers Needleworks group. The white gloves were on and Assistant Curator, Jean McElvain, had many unique needlework and quilted pieces from GMD's collection ready to show the group. Gathered around one end of the table, the group let out a simultaneous "ooh" for each piece Jean set in front of them.

One of the group favorites was a silk robe and sash by Kiss of the Wolf (1982, Gift of Sandra Sprenkle). This blue-green ankle length robe is hand-dyed with an overall intentional watermarked pattern, dark blue splash accents, and beige and pink koi. These surface elements are all carefully accentuated through machine quilting. One group member commented, "That's amazing, I want to learn how to do that!"

Two other standouts were pieces by Anna Carlson, a nationally known designer who is currently teaching apparel design studios in the College of Design, as well as working on an MFA. Her blue linen jacket (1996, Gift of Anna Carlson) is created from a range of blue-hued, hand-dyed pieces that are brought together through stitching techniques and appliqué. One group member was surprised to find that Carlson does her own design and construction, and another member commented on the "lovely colors."

The second piece by Carlson was a black, hip-length, silk jacket (2004, Gift of Kathleen Campbell). The jacket is lined in black organdy with asymmetrical cutwork patterns of ginko leaves on the front and back. The elegance of the piece led one group member to comment, "You could wear that for years and years."

It was a pleasure to hear the animated conversation during the visit from the North Oaks group. Schedule your own group visit, or search the 30,000 items in GMD's collection from the comfort of your home!

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By Jenny Parker: Goldstein Museum of Design Graduate Assistant,
MFA candidate in Graphic Design and Museum Studies

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