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Opera Star Mildred Miller Visits GMD

It has been 30 years since costume designer Jack Edwards and opera star Mildred Miller have seen each other, but it seemed like the two had never parted. Both charismatic and quick witted, they joked together all afternoon during Miller's visit to the exhibition Character in Costume: A Jack Edwards Retrospective. Miller loaned 4 concert dresses and many photos to the exhibition; she remembers wearing each piece, and pointed out how beautifully they each fit.

IMG_0479.JPGMiller worked with the Metropolitan Opera for 23 years after her 1951 debut as Cherubino in The Marriage of Figaro. She has performed in many concerts around the nation, and appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show several times. Miller and Edwards met in the 1960's while he was designing in New York City, and they became fast friends. Miller is now a teacher and coach at Carnegie Mellon School of Music, and said jokingly, "yes I'm still working at my age, they won't let me quit!"

Museum exhibitions can serve as places for teaching and learning, a way to look at the past or present, and in this case as a meeting ground for old friends. Learn more about Miller and Edwards, and see all of the beautiful costumes in Character in Costume: A Jack Edwards Retrospective, and view photos of Miller's visit.

By Jenny Parker: Goldstein Museum of Design Graduate Assistant,
MFA candidate in Graphic Design and Museum Studies

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