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University Youth Programs Gopher Adventure students join the "Quest for the World's Best Baskets" with a visit to the Goldstein Museum of Design!

IMG_2657.jpg In four separate programs on June 19 and 21, fifty-five Gopher Camp students significantly raised the energy level in the gallery during their visits to the exhibition, Quest for the World's Best Baskets. Each group had fun putting stars on a world map to note where the baskets in the exhibition came from. Before leaving, each student put a red paper heart next to their favorite basket.


The children paid rapt attention as exhibition curator Suzi McArdle walked them around the gallery like a pied piper, charming them with stories about baskets from Panama, South Africa, Ethiopia, Alaska, the American Southwest, and Appalachia.


Younger students made baskets out of paper to help them understand one method of basket-weaving.


Older students competed with each other on a paper-and-pencil "scavenger hunt," seeking out the biggest and smallest baskets, the basket with the most animals, three baskets depicting birds, and baskets showing people.


Suzi and Kathleen Campbell enjoyed teaming up to present these programs, and look forward to the next four groups of Gopher Adventures students on July 10 and 12.

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