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NEH Awards GMD a Sustaining Cultural Heritage Collection Planning Grant

IMG_0656.JPGWe are pleased to announce that the Goldstein Museum of Design (GMD) was award a National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) Sustaining Cultural Heritage Collection Planning grant to support the planning process of renovating and refurbishing GMD's largest collection storage area, housing textiles and non-label historic costume (apparel).

The storage area that will be the focus of our planning is home to 13,000 objects or approximately 45% of the collection. Items stored in this area are some of the oldest and most fragile within the collection. The storage area was built out as part of the 1975 building construction which resulted in the museum's gallery and workspace, in addition to this store room. Since 1975, there have been minimal to no environmental updates and objects are stored in cramped non-archival cabinets and acid free textile boxes stacked high on top of cabinets. The re-housing of these collections will significantly enhance their preservation, and facilitate their use in outreach programs.

The goal of the planning project is to develop a construction ready plan. This plan will then be used to seek additional funding for implementation of the renovation and re-housing of objects stored in this area. Planning will take approximately one year and begin in the fall of 2012. As a part of this plan we will assemble a team of specialists to look at all the various aspects of the project. The museum staff will work with an environmental engineer, textile conservator, interior designer, museum cabinet vendor representative and UMN facilities manager to assess the museum's storage needs, environmental systems, set points and policies that address the balance of environmental preservation (reducing one's carbon footprint) and creating a sustainable climate in which artifacts can be stored and preserved for generations to come. Careful planning for this complex project is an important first step in the process and is vital to a successful renovation and re-housing project.

-Eunice Haugen, Registrar

Above: The current space which will benefit from this grant.

IMG_0646.JPGAbove: Current system to store hats.

IMG_0659.JPG Above: The desired outcome of the grant.

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