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A Fashionable Halloween at GMD!

Once a year on Halloween night our collection comes alive! If you see zombies, vampires, or witches walking around the halls of McNeal tonight, do not be alarmed. When you bump into them they might be wearing one of these eerie articles from the Goldstein's collection.


(left to right)
You could come across a witch about to take flight on her broom wearing this black ornate dress.

Or perhaps a vampire wanting to fight the October night chill with this black cape.

For the 'pumpkin' hearted you may find someone wearing this plump striped dress.

You will have to let us know if you see any other well-dressed zombies, vampires, or witches around McNeal Hall and from all of us here at GMD, Happy Halloween!

(Left) 1895-1900 black dress by Clancey, M.E. It has a black satin bodice and skirt with elaborate black beading and fringe.

(Middle) Black one size fits all, ¾ sleeve zero waste wool cape designed by Yeohlee Teng.
(Right) a 1860-1869, 3-piece silk brown and black striped taffeta dress with cape and beaded purse.

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