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Sophia Graydon designers visit GMD Research Center to See Clothing

DesignersCropped.jpgLast week GMD staffers Kathleen Campbell and Natasha Thoreson welcomed two visitors from the new luxury sleepwear and loungewear company, Sophia Graydon.

Director of the Atelier Ida Matthys and Project Coordinator Calla Nassif viewed over 80 pieces of apparel and textiles from GMD's collection. They took lots of photos with a very serious-looking camera and seemed pleased with the construction techniques, styling, and fabrics we had selected for their visit.

In a follow-up email, Ms. Matthys said of their visit:

"The Goldstein staff did an excellent job putting together items that we found inspiring as we start to design our Fall 2013 Collection. Getting to see everything up close really helped with construction ideas and techniques we can implement into our collections."

Sophia Graydon Founder and CEO Monica Nassif was also the founder of the very successful Caldrea and Mrs. Meyers brands several years ago. The October issue of Vogue magazine includes a piece about Sophia Graydon.


(Above) Left: Ida Matthys; right: Calla Nassif
(Below) Left to Right: Ida Matthys, Calla Nassif, and Kathleen Campbell

GMD staff enjoys working with apparel designers, and with over 20,000 objects of clothing in the collection, there are options galore.

--Kathleen and Natasha

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