College of Design

Goldstein Museum of Design

Gallery Staff Hits the Catwalk!


Aly Gates wearing Ashton Frith. Image courtesy of Rod Hasse Photography

My name is Aly Gates and right now I'm a freshman in the Apparel Design program at the U, and I also work at the Goldstein Museum as a gallery staff member. I recently had the incredible opportunity of modeling in the annual Senior Fashion Show for designer Ashton Frith. At 6 AM on the day of the show, an Aveda stylist started to pile and tease my hair into a Marie Antoinette inspired hairstyle, dust bright purple powder onto my cheekbones, and glue rhinestones all over my face. After about 2 hours the look was completed, and I had about a 10 hour wait before the show started, which was filled with photo shoots, runway practice, and lots of sitting around. I became quite familiar with my beautiful pink dress, whose corset back was tightly laced around my waist and whose enormous layered skirt required 3 others girls' help just for me to move.The whole runway experience was an exciting blur, but I remember in detail how empowered I felt walking down the runway to bumping music under the bright lights with hundreds of eyes carefully watching me. It was a once in a lifetime experience that I'll never forget, and I couldn't have been happier to showcase Ashton's amazing work!

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