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4H Students Experience Sustainable Fashion at GMD!


Redefining, Redesigning Fashion
Goldstein Museum of Design Exhibition - January 19-May 26, 2013
Guest Curators: Marilyn DeLong, Barbara Heinemann, Kathryn Reiley

Last Saturday, 7 through 18 year-olds of the 4-H Urban Youth were part of an exciting and fun morning of activities, planned just for them. They gathered at the Goldstein Museum of Design to visit Redefining, Redesigning Fashion, an exhibition which explores how apparel designers and apparel consumers (everyone else) need to think about environmental, social and economic issues in clothing design and choices to help save the earth.

First, the 4-Hers had a scavenger hunt through the gallery to see how designers from around the world have conceptualized the future of apparel design. They learned about the themes of sustainable fashion design, as highlighted through the exhibition:

  • Encouraging the human connection by valuing culture and heirlooms;
  • Adding value through up-cycled clothing and accessories;
  • Serving multiple needs with versatile garments;
  • Valuing local and personal resources;
  • Integrating alternative constructions and processes.


After the tour, they discussed how sustainability helps build a healthy and happy Earth. The students participated with comments and ideas.

Then, the 4-H youth picked one of three "Studio Classes." The Studio Class options were T-Shirt Playtime, Eco-Style Design, and Go-Green Accessories. Each class was just full of young designers!

In each Studio, 4-Hers were introduced to ideas, activities, and fashion-related crafts to ignite their imaginations about how sustainable choices can lead us to exciting ways to create clothing and individualized design ideas.

At the end of the day, the youth walked in a "Project Show" and struck a pose with their newly created eco-designs on the runway!

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