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Screen shot of Hannah Barts's presentation

My name is Hannah Bartz and I am a staff member of the Goldstein Museum of Design. I am a sophomore Retail Merchandising major with an apparel emphasis. This past weekend I had the opportunity to volunteer at the Dean's Reception, which is a day of welcoming prospective freshman into the College of Design. I spoke about the Retail Merchandising program and all the benefits of the program. One of the best resources that we use is actually the collection from GMD. Not only does it have its wonderful exhibitions but I have also analyzed pieces from the collection in the Textiles Analysis class, Softlines analysis class, and Fashion and Ethics class.

In the slide that accompanied my presentation I included photos from the Goldstein's new online database of their collection. One of the most amazing experiences I have had was the honor of handling (with gloves!) the Dior skirt (pictured above) from the groundbreaking New Look collection! The collection pieces offer a chance to see garment details that are no longer produced or are only incorporated in designer garments. This skirt had extremely beautiful, deep pleats that added even more fullness and draping to the wool fabric. As a design student, it is incredibly exciting to have the chance to examine beautiful couture clothing and see the quality and exquisite details that make "high fashion" so special.

Being able to tell next year's freshman that I have had the opportunity to work with Dior 1948 couture was great. It was also great explaining that the Goldstein isn't just the Gallery but an excellent resource for all design students. I enjoyed being an ambassador for the Retail Merchandising major and the Goldstein Museum of Design, and hope I recognize a few freshman next year from the reception.

Images from left to right
Bill Blass Evening Dress, 1986, Gift of Bill Blass Ltd.
Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel Jacket, Camisole and Skirt, 1955, Gift of Lois and Ed Schlampp
Christian Dior Dress with Belt, 1947-1948, Gift of Kathleen Catlin

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