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Goldstein Student Wins Competition and Tour of Target Corp.

HannahBarts_floorpad.overview.jpgI am Hannah Bartz, a sophomore Retail Merchandising major here at the College of Design and staff member of the Goldstein. Last semester I took a Visual Merchandising class and we partnered with Target for the second half of the semester, which included a project competition, where my partner and I received second place. The Visual Merchandising class focused on displaying merchandise once it is in stores to encourage customers to purchase the items. The project for Target involved using software to create a digital version of the Merona brand women's wear sales floor. The problem we faced was an underutilized back wall and we were required to use specific fixtures to hang the merchandise on the sales floor, as well as specific amounts of various merchandise. In addition to meeting the basic requirements, our floor pad included outfitting each fixture with a sign of how to accessorize the garments and we placed feature tables at the front to hold accessories that were highlighted in the signage. We received second place overall, for our design and presentation, which focused on convenience for shoppers. We received a monetary scholarship and the opportunity to tour Target Headquarters on April 3rd.

On Wednesday, April 3rd, my partner and I arrived at Target on Nicollet Mall and were greeted by two Merchandise Presentation Business Analysts who lead us to their department and then took us on a tour of the building, including the top floor to see the view. After viewing all the wonderful amenities Target employees have access to, we proceeded through the skyway to the Target store a block away. We viewed the Business Analysts' areas which included menswear and women's wear and then returned to their offices to see what steps were taken to reach the finished product. This was one of my favorite parts of the day, especially when I learned that Target uses the same software that is used in the Visual Merchandising class. The day ended with a lunch with the rest of the Merchandise Presentations Department for Apparel and Accessories. It was a great chance to speak with the other members of the department and learn about their roles and their favorite reality TV shows. It was a wonderful experience and I am so grateful for Target's partnerships with the University.

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