May 12, 2009

And the Fox


Black Bear?


In case anyone forgot what a wolf looks like


Getting Closer

May 1st was the last day to apply for a bear permit in Minnesota. My roommate and I got our apps. in and we're hoping we get drawn. Cross your fingers.

I'm pretty sure that if we get drawn we have some pretty good chances. If nothing else, it'll be a great experience. Heck, it already has been.

Unfortunately his broken foot has kept us from spending hours in the woods. We've been doing as much as possible though. We've put up a trail camera. We've even checked it a couple of times. In a week total we've had over a thousand pictures. I'm here to tell everyone that the Northwoods of Minnesota are hoppin.

Last week, Dylan and I both went up to his shack to put the camera out and check it. 3 out of 3 times we've been there we've seen a predator of some sort.
Trip #1) A pack of timberwolves that was seven strong. Pretty impressive considering it was less than four hundred yards from his hunting shack.
Trip #2) A red fox. Man, I forgot how red those guys can be in the spring.
Trip #3 Another Timber Wolf. This guy was super close. We followed him on the road for a few minutes; at only 15 yards at times. They're pretty.

All these wolves are really making me worry about what the deer population up there is gonna be like this fall. Also, when is there gonna be a season on wolves, I'm pretty sure I've seen more of them than deer so far this year.

I need a new truck

The more I think about myself, the more I realize why our economy sucks right now. For so long our whole country has been using loans to get what they want, without having the capital to pay for it. Now here's the dilemma, I want a truck, and have no capital. What's a guy to do? Hit the streets? Sell my body at ZLB Plasma? I doubt it. I'm thinking get a job. I'm thinking, have some patience and buy something when I have the money. Whether that's before bear season, I don't know. Whatever happens, I hope that our economy and America's spending gets better, along with my own habits.

April 7, 2009


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Lake Superior Magazine

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April 2, 2009

A test for my class

News Layout and Design Projects

I'm hoping this will take you through a short slide show

March 31, 2009

Minnesota Snow

I seriously am moving out of minnesota as soon as I graduate. You can't see 200 yards outside, it's march 31st, and I've got a cold. I quit.

Map of Important Places

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Well, I have yet to get anything back from the In-Fisherman office. I'm sure they're too busy. So what I did is contacted a friend who works at one of the area magazines. I can't remember which one, but he said he would ask around and see which editors, or whoever, would let me shadow. This is gonna happen, so I'm no longer stressing about finding a spot to go.

March 26, 2009

Here's a fish I shot while bowfishing at my dad's lake. it was probably close to 20lbs. Hopefully this spring I'll get a couple more.



How's it gonna go?

What is my project going to be about? I'm hoping that In-Fisherman magazine will call me back soon or at least send me an email. This project will be fun if they call. If not, I probably won't enjoy it nearly as much. I'll cross my fingers... and toes :)