October 18, 2007

Basic structural concept

The patcher reads in 50 (or so...) videos, and plays 10 second clips randomly based on a probability table generated by how often viewers are watching the specific clip. We achieve this using one of the cv.jit objects (the name escapes me) that detects heads. For videos that have been watched frequently, we apply a discretely controlled distorting effect (I might want to pt jit.sobel in there, I think I'm addicted.).

After the first week, maybe create a new video table slot in the patch that adds the tweaked out mirror from 10.17's lecture, thereby adding to the concept that we are tacitly complicit in our media.

Any Thoughts? I might need a little help steering in the right direction with content; my initial reaction is to make it be on the dark of side pop-culture and rather cynical, but i don't know if that's being a little too cliche.