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Hollywood, Here comes the Minnesooooooootans

So I don't know if it's just me, but I'm getting really sick and tired of the nation's/world's perspective of Minnesotans. "Oh sure ya betchya," "Gee golly gosh," hockey and ice fishing is not what we're all about.

Well hopefully at the Oscars coming up in February, Minnesota can be represented in a much more glamorous Hollywood light, that will hopefully have our Twin City native award hopefuls drinking and doing drugs at the after party. At least while they're there they can explain to the idiots of the O.C. that Minnesota "Like totally does not have snow all year bro."

So anyway the hopeful buzz is centered around the extremely talented Cohen brothers of St. Louis Park. As we all do and should know they won Oscars for their writing of the 1996 hit "Fargo" as well as being nominated again for "O' Brother Where Art Thou?" And all though it was not nominated, they are the genius minds that brought us one of the most cult followed comedies in 20 years "The Big Lebowski."

There new film, set to be released in November is called, "No Country for Old Men," which critics are saying is their best work since Fargo. It is supposedly a violent western with of course the Cohens off beat, dark humor.

Another Minnesota affiliated flick that is creating a lot of buzz is "Lust Caution." This flick won the Golden Lion at the Venice flim festival, which is the same award that "Brokeback Mountain" won before its award spree a couple of years ago; it also happens to be directed by the same guy.

Win or lose, 'ya betcha or no ya betcha' Minnesota artists of the cinema will be a force to be reckoned with come Oscar season.

the original title is "Oscar buzz builds for Minnesotans" @ http://www.twincities.com/movies/ci_6968964?nclick_check=1