May 6, 2008

Tidy erb views

To make your html markup look pretty and be indented correctly within erb templates:
- Don't indent <% %> tags...(indent the code within those tags if you need to to):
- In other words--all <% -%> tags should start at the first column of the text file
- Its okay to indent <%= %> tags because they actually produce markup--they should render at the correct point.

CLA-OIT Rails Plugins

-umn_helper plugin that encapsulates any general tool that is universally useful--some of this functionality could likely be shared publicly too. Either way, its our top level plugin where we put handy rails tools that we use that could easily be shared without any special config

claoit_helper--this plugin constitutes more specific functionality where extra work would be required to share the plugin with others.

cla_data_center--this plugin should contain functionality specific to working with a CLA_DATA_CENTER database and tables within it where the app db is on the same db server as the CLA_DATA_CENTER.

auth_tokens -- A general purpose standardized pseudo role based authorization tool/methodology. Eventually we hope to release this publicly, but for now somewhat dependent on the cla_data_center and the umn_auth_filter.