February 11, 2005

Chap. 3: Outcomes and Assessments' reflection

In this reading, I have learnt that a designer must have in mind the outcomes of whatever he/she wants to accomplish. Also, the designer must find a way to measure whether student accomplished what he/she was expecting or whatever he/she was supposed to learn.
Outcomes and goals were two concepts with which I had a misunderstanding before the reading. Now, I understand that the outcomes are the statements of what the instruction needs to accomplish, while the goals will be the statements of what the leaner is able to do after the instruction.
The types of learning outcomes are also important because not all the learners have the same capability in doing or learning in a certain way. Being able to use different learning strategies, allows not only the designer to succeed, but also the learner to learn in a motivating and comfortable way. As an example of the importance of these learning differences, many game programs have designed different types of games within one package. Not all the learners like all of them and the variety of the package will motivate the children to stick with it.
Regarding the development of assessment, it is important to have different choices so that the learner can choose whatever he/she feels more comfortable in working on. I believe that not only good design provides good results, but also that good assessment proves whether the design or the topic was learnt.

Posted by gomez021 at February 11, 2005 11:10 AM