February 11, 2005

Case Study 2

One reason people resist using new approaches to training is that they feel they will struggle with the basics when using a computer. They are scared that they could damage the program or click on the wrong place and then mess it up. In summary, people are scared of the challenge.

The second reason is that some people think that the product introduced lacks educational value, or it does not contain all the information they need to learn. For some people the idea that a computer training program answers all the questions is not possible.

The last reason I have is that the learning styles of every person are different. Some people like to interact with others and they feel that interacting with a computer is not the same as talking to somebody. They may feel uncomfortable using this new learning style. Along with this people think that because of their age they are not able to learn as fast as young people and therefore they prefer keeping their own classical style.

Posted by gomez021 at February 11, 2005 11:23 AM