April 5, 2005

Case study 14

When have you had to convince others in the workplace to adopt a new system,
technology or program? Were you successful? If so, what did you do to ensure

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Case study 19

Identify Sam's biases regarding this proposed new approach to pediatric education. Suggest strategies for dealing with these biases and give an example when you have dealt with biases in your work place.

He thinks that traditional education is more effective than trying a new approach.
He wonders why Jean Fallon wanted to do the project now and not later (on the ternure)
He thinks that if things are bad, there is nothing that will change that.
He does not seem interested in working with the new project.

THe best strategy to show teachers that technology works is trhough examples. When teachers see what technology can do they sometimes get amazed and become interest in the new approach, but because it seems to difficult to acquire they drop their interest. We as a yourger generation, should show them the easy way to do things and to create a totally new environment that will change the dynamic of the classes.
I am not very familiar with the ternure year, but I believe that a teacher should be evaluated by his/her teaching skills and interest not over a certain period of time but constantly.

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February 11, 2005

Case Study 7

Evaluate Jim and Iris's approach to handling cultural differences among the members and state the outcomes Iris might expect from different key members of the design team after demonstrating the prototype.
What shocked me about this case study is that Irish started thinking of her culture. She is narrow-minded. It did not occur to her that such differences would be there somewhere. She needs to be aware of the culture differences.
In the case of Jim, he knows about the cultural differences and that the best way to work this out is not only to have an approach; like meetings. His proposal about talking to each member individually would be beneficial for the project because in that way Irish can get more information. With this information she will be able to conciliate and design ways to work the project out.

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Case Study 2

One reason people resist using new approaches to training is that they feel they will struggle with the basics when using a computer. They are scared that they could damage the program or click on the wrong place and then mess it up. In summary, people are scared of the challenge.

The second reason is that some people think that the product introduced lacks educational value, or it does not contain all the information they need to learn. For some people the idea that a computer training program answers all the questions is not possible.

The last reason I have is that the learning styles of every person are different. Some people like to interact with others and they feel that interacting with a computer is not the same as talking to somebody. They may feel uncomfortable using this new learning style. Along with this people think that because of their age they are not able to learn as fast as young people and therefore they prefer keeping their own classical style.

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Case Study 3

1) The opportunity to learn something new by doing it, making it and correcting mistakes.
2) She will be able to use all the theory she learnt at college.

1) She did not have any real experience in instructional design and this would be a disadvantage for her. She does not feel comfortable yet in doing the job.
2) She may spend too much time following every single step in the ID because she does not have the experience.

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February 2, 2005

Case study 4

What instructional design strategies could Ross use to encourage teachers to redesign their courses to effectively use WebPath?

I think that the teachers were afraid of trying out technology in the class. One of the instrucional design strategies Ross could use was the design phase. In this phase Ross could have presented a simple model of what the teachers could do with WEbPath and base on their expectations they could suggest modifications, other expectations, or any other suggestions for WebPath. With this in mind, Ross could encourage teachers to start using WebPath not because it was a technology instrument, but because it facilitates and enhance the communication between teachers and students, and also allows the teacher incorporate the same topic in a different manner (style).

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