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Journal Entries

Day 1 Tuesday: I woke up for my women's studies class at 9:30am, afterwards I slept for 3 hours today because i felt stuffy. After I slept I volunteered for 2 hours and I then celebrated my birthday at texas roadhouse with my good friends.

Day 2 Wednesday: I had a headache all day today, really didn't make my day go well at all. I had class from 12-4pm and i was frustrated all day. After class I went to volunteer for 2 hours, but it ended up being one hour because i had such a bad headache.

Day 3 Thursday: I had class all day and figured out when all my finals are. After class i relaxed and took a nap because i was still feeling sick, my allergies kicked in. Pollen is peaking right now :(. I had a soccer game at 6pm and it rained the entire game, hardest rain i have seen this spring. We won!

Day 4 Friday: My allergies have gotten way worse. I feel like crap. Allergies or a cold, whatever it is it needs to go away. I slept from 11:30pm-12:00pm, and i still feel so yucky. I am going to Gustavus Adolphus College tonight to see some friends, i am hoping my allergies go away.

Day 5 Saturday: I went home today back to the cities to see my family for my birthday. I am staying with my dad tonight. My mom gave me some allergy medication and it is helping very much!! Thank the lord.

Day 6 Sunday: Today I went to my boyfriends parents house with my mom and her side of the family, we went out on Lake Minnetonka on the yacht for the day to celebrate my birthday. The wind was kinda cold but when the sun came out of the clouds it was nice! My allergies are almost gone, now i am just dealing with a runny/stuffy nose.

Day 7 Monday: My allergies have seen their last day of irritating me!! I feel better. But i am frustrated with one of my classes, i can seem to get things right! Had a soccer game tonight we won, we beat the hardest team- they have won the championship the past four years and we are now going to the championship!

Day 8 Tuesday: We played in our championship soccer game and won in overtime 1-0!! WOo! My allergies have left me with a stuffy nose, making it somewhat hard to breathe while playing soccer :/

Readings Chapter 2, 3 & 4 layouts

Lateral thinking
"Lateral thinking is a design approach that looks to change
concepts and perceptions in order to arrive at different
Solutions by looking for what is not immediately obvious, and
solutions that may not be obtainable using traditional step-bystep
I feel that this method of design is highly engaging to the viewer. It provides a deeper thought process leaving the material more absorbed.
There is a quote stating all the good things about design, goes something like this- Light is better than heavy. Small is better than large. Simple is better than complicated. and so on... I think this quote is a good thing to think about in all stages of design.

The author chose a good way to explain what the baseline analogy is by comparing it to the city blocks used to create cities and urban areas.
I feel like when pixelation is used its meant for censorship rather than good design.. but that is my opinion.
Measurement is crucial, it helps create balance and space. I like how in this reading the author compares picas and points to centimeters and millimeters, it puts type measurement into a better understanding.
I didn't know the difference of "Ems and Ens", an en is half of an em and if a letter is 24pts, its 24pt em. I did not understand how that worked until now.
I had previously learned about the golden section ratio. It is so cool to me how nature has this sense of being balanced.
The rule of thirds is very interesting to learn about, I didn't know the eye lingers towards the top left of a design.
I also have previously learned about gestalt, proximity, alignment, unity and contrast; reading these again is a nice refresher.
I found it funny that the playboy bunny logo has lost most of its beginning "values"... i mean i feel like that was bound to happen, given what type of magazine it represents.

The Grid system is a necessary tool for a successful design. I think without a grid many design layouts have a strange thing about them, like somethings off you just can tell what it is...

Pixelation in my opinion is something that should be used for censorship rather than just a normal design that doesn't need censorship.

Narratives create more of a deeper feeling and solution to a layout. Of al the different types of narratives i feel that springboard narratives may be a way to re-engage the viewer.
The images used to provide a better understanding of juxtaposing were creepy photos, one of a women who went through way to much plastic surgery and the other is of frankenstein. Comparing the two pictures helped me understand even more. The earrings of the woman and the bolts in frankenstien's neck are the hidden similarities that make juxtaposing pictures even more effective.

Just some extra research

Mood Board



I want to make a design that has the psychedelia style. I found these images and was inspired and ideas started to flow.


Meaning Behind My Poster

The poster I have chose to continue working on could have many meanings for peace and growth. My main meaning (or what I am going for ) is, the beauty and growth of something new through the roots of peace. The image is showing something even deeper with the little specks around the fruit. The feeling is like there is something new and sort of magical growing from the roots of peace. From what the class said about my poster, I think I got the message through to them, which is a great sign for me! I am glad I was successful in bringing out the meaning of my poster.

Anatomy one

The iRaq poster is very hard hitting, its deep and not much is left out to the reality of things. I like how the whole ipod idea is right there and keeps you thinking about what the meaning is and how deep it goes.
This entire paragraph talks about Parody and what it means. I like the way that it has been described "transforming a familiar graphic form by twisting its intent and giving it alter meaning..." I find it interesting how subconsciously designers recreate things they've seen before. I feel like maybe its our brain secretly thinking "well this design was good and people liked it, lets just do that same thing but twist it around."

Posters close to final drafts


world peace.pdf

On the first poster I added some little touches to this poster, for instance the fruit is radiating a new, fresh glow with the little dots around each fruit. I also made the text "Peace" bigger and bold.

With the second poster I changed the earth to a different one, the one before had cropped sides and looked weird. I also added some color.