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My Thoughts About The First Reading

For a designer to have such cleverness and idealistic artistic abilities is, to me, astonishing. I enjoy looking over such creative designs. The book on optical art, published by Lars Muller, looks like it would keep me busy for a few hours. I think giving an illusion in a design or advertisement keep the viewer looking for a longer time compared to an ad or design without optical illusions.
The poster for the movie about Stalin is so accurate. The tomato representing his "clown nose" is such a perfect way to explain an opinion without using words.
The aeroplane stamps form britain are so different to any stamp I have ever seen. I do not have any recollection of seeing a stamp so weird and meaning full. The image in the clouds of the designer is a cool way to show the person behind the design. I find it a little eery that there is a face in the clouds, but like i said earlier it kept me looking at the stamp longer.
The "wildbrew" flavored beer wrapped in a tiger print is such a clever way to show its "wildbrew" taste without plastering the word all over the bottle. Who has ever seen an animal print bottle before? I sure haven't.
I really enjoyed this reading! I hope there are many more to come that resemble this reading.

How I Am Inspired

radioww.jpgView image

The pictures I have posted inspire me in many ways. The first one of the cityscape with the caption, "enjoy life", makes me motivated to be clever with my artwork, and always appreciate the simplicity of a good design. I really think the typography makes this picture have movement. It has many elements but seems so simple.
The second picture makes me want to create a self portrait similar to it, I love how the woman's face is absorbed by watercolor and paint splatters. It makes me curious as to what it represents and what the artist is implying. Without using words the artist makes you feel so many different emotions, depending on your personality, and how you can relate to this image. I took painting last semester and it was very tough for me to find a good balance with my time, I struggled to make the best paintings I could have, because of my time restraints. It was very frustrating, making me feel unmotivated, and very unhappy with my work. This picture reminds me of how beautiful art is, and how you CAN make mistakes without ruining a piece of work.

What I'd Really Like To Know About Design

I would like to know more about layouts, color choices, and variety. What makes something come together and more fully developed, like it is not missing anything. I would like to know more about the applications we use for design. Basically almost everything. I want to know more about everything, because there is never enough information to take in for this type of major. Its is always changing.

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