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Meaning Behind My Poster

The poster I have chose to continue working on could have many meanings for peace and growth. My main meaning (or what I am going for ) is, the beauty and growth of something new through the roots of peace. The image is showing something even deeper with the little specks around the fruit. The feeling is like there is something new and sort of magical growing from the roots of peace. From what the class said about my poster, I think I got the message through to them, which is a great sign for me! I am glad I was successful in bringing out the meaning of my poster.

Anatomy one

The iRaq poster is very hard hitting, its deep and not much is left out to the reality of things. I like how the whole ipod idea is right there and keeps you thinking about what the meaning is and how deep it goes.
This entire paragraph talks about Parody and what it means. I like the way that it has been described "transforming a familiar graphic form by twisting its intent and giving it alter meaning..." I find it interesting how subconsciously designers recreate things they've seen before. I feel like maybe its our brain secretly thinking "well this design was good and people liked it, lets just do that same thing but twist it around."

Posters close to final drafts


world peace.pdf

On the first poster I added some little touches to this poster, for instance the fruit is radiating a new, fresh glow with the little dots around each fruit. I also made the text "Peace" bigger and bold.

With the second poster I changed the earth to a different one, the one before had cropped sides and looked weird. I also added some color.

International designs

The reading had a lot of information that was superb. I have done a lot of work focusing on the audience instead of myself. If we didn't focus on the audience a lot of our work would not be satisfying.
The designs that are internationally viewed must be easy to understand for each culture viewing it. The message that is being portrayed in the design must be seen distinctly, if not seen clearly, the viewer fails to see what the designer is trying to portray therefore the design is unsuccessful. There is a main fact this article talks about and I agree with it, communication is definitely key.

European graphic design

form fifty five

Rough drafts

Charity Reading Response

I agree with the thought of charity ads being a simple as can be. A complex charity ad throws off the entire concept of the charity. Its not about the ad and how cool it is, its about the charity. I think the blue-chip art for charities should not be used. I liked the red-nose charity ads for the Comic Relief, I think giving the designer more of an open mind for the ad is best if there is a conclusion of cost. The children's coloring book ad was a great tactic for people looking through the ad, it engages them more that an ad without a coloring book feature. The same with the red nose stickers that could be used as the noses on the celebrities inside the ad. I'm sure it is hard for a client to be happy with a simple ad without much of a pay, but I think the fact that they are doing it for charity should give them a self respect sort of feeling. They are doing something good for the charity.

Some things I "Stumbled upon"


Most of these ads are creative, some not so much. I know they don't have much to do with the posters we are working on my they do inspire me to be creative.

My Roughs

Color theory

Reading through the color theory was a great refresher. Freshman year I learned a lot about color and the right ways of using color. I did not have knowledge on what each color represented in other countries around the world. I find it odd that purple represents death in latin america, and here it represents other things. I figured red would represent death or something close to it in another country because, I believe, in america it can represent death. I have come across dvd covers and movie posters that have red all over them to represent a "deadly rage virus" in a movie. I think the studies on color that Da Vinci did were helpful in understanding the meanings of color. I do believe without the early made color wheels, colors would not be fully understood to this day. Although some color wheels are completely different, depending on whether the colors are mixed with their complimentary colors or lights and darks.

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