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Day 1 Tuesday: I woke up for my women's studies class at 9:30am, afterwards I slept for 3 hours today because i felt stuffy. After I slept I volunteered for 2 hours and I then celebrated my birthday at texas roadhouse with my good friends.

Day 2 Wednesday: I had a headache all day today, really didn't make my day go well at all. I had class from 12-4pm and i was frustrated all day. After class I went to volunteer for 2 hours, but it ended up being one hour because i had such a bad headache.

Day 3 Thursday: I had class all day and figured out when all my finals are. After class i relaxed and took a nap because i was still feeling sick, my allergies kicked in. Pollen is peaking right now :(. I had a soccer game at 6pm and it rained the entire game, hardest rain i have seen this spring. We won!

Day 4 Friday: My allergies have gotten way worse. I feel like crap. Allergies or a cold, whatever it is it needs to go away. I slept from 11:30pm-12:00pm, and i still feel so yucky. I am going to Gustavus Adolphus College tonight to see some friends, i am hoping my allergies go away.

Day 5 Saturday: I went home today back to the cities to see my family for my birthday. I am staying with my dad tonight. My mom gave me some allergy medication and it is helping very much!! Thank the lord.

Day 6 Sunday: Today I went to my boyfriends parents house with my mom and her side of the family, we went out on Lake Minnetonka on the yacht for the day to celebrate my birthday. The wind was kinda cold but when the sun came out of the clouds it was nice! My allergies are almost gone, now i am just dealing with a runny/stuffy nose.

Day 7 Monday: My allergies have seen their last day of irritating me!! I feel better. But i am frustrated with one of my classes, i can seem to get things right! Had a soccer game tonight we won, we beat the hardest team- they have won the championship the past four years and we are now going to the championship!

Day 8 Tuesday: We played in our championship soccer game and won in overtime 1-0!! WOo! My allergies have left me with a stuffy nose, making it somewhat hard to breathe while playing soccer :/

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