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Some things I "Stumbled upon"

Most of these ads are creative, some not so much. I know they don't have much to do with the posters we are working on my they do inspire me to be creative.

How I Am Inspired

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The pictures I have posted inspire me in many ways. The first one of the cityscape with the caption, "enjoy life", makes me motivated to be clever with my artwork, and always appreciate the simplicity of a good design. I really think the typography makes this picture have movement. It has many elements but seems so simple.
The second picture makes me want to create a self portrait similar to it, I love how the woman's face is absorbed by watercolor and paint splatters. It makes me curious as to what it represents and what the artist is implying. Without using words the artist makes you feel so many different emotions, depending on your personality, and how you can relate to this image. I took painting last semester and it was very tough for me to find a good balance with my time, I struggled to make the best paintings I could have, because of my time restraints. It was very frustrating, making me feel unmotivated, and very unhappy with my work. This picture reminds me of how beautiful art is, and how you CAN make mistakes without ruining a piece of work.

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