Here is a good way to prepare for the upcoming Quiz:

1: Review slides and notes and book chapters since Quiz #2.

2: Create three multiple choice quiz questions (four answers and only one of them is corrent) that you think are as challenging as the questions you have seen on the first two quizzes.

3: Please place an asterisk by the answer that is correct.

4: Also, under each question post where in the slides, book chapters or lecture notes you learned this information. BE ABLE TO BACK UP YOUR QUIZ QUESTION WITH EVIDENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5: Post your 3 questions, four possible answers (with corrent answer having and asterisk), and citation of where this question came from in the comments of this post. I predict that if we all do this that we will raise the class mean by at least one point and perhaps even by two.

You were e-mailed two excerpts from previous Final Papers in this course. We will designate these two papers by their length, so please refer to them as "Long" and "Short." Please indicate which paper was better written, "Long" or "Short" and explain why you believe this to be true.

What is something you have learned about the importance and implications of attachment? It could be something your learned about yourself, your family or someone else.

No need to "name names" in your comment.

What are one or two key questions you hope to have answered by the end of this class?