February 7, 2008

Andy Goldsworthy

Discuss energy, flow and transformation in the city.

I will be brief and precise. After I get used to writing these I will come back and go a little more in depth.

Everything in the city has a certain energy to it. These things, for example, can be as large as the highway system found weaving throughout the city, or as small as a paperclip in an office. Each and every object has a purpose or a goal that it has set out to do. The flow of an object helps it accomplish that goal. Going back to my previous examples; the freeway is self explanitory. Point "A" to point "B". It winds and flows in all different directions to help traffic get to where it is going. Looking at a much smaller object, the paperclip. It doesn't seem to start or stop in any particular spot, but continuously flow. This flawless design is perfect for helping a paperclip reach it's goal of holding paper together. As far as transformations go it is easier to see this in large scales, so once again, the highway. Not only does the highway change the shape of the land, but the land changes the shape of the highway. In some areas roads are literally cut into countryside, but in most cases the road systems move WITH the land. It is somewhat of comprimising or give and take relationship. In other instances, a design is transformed to account for a strong force acting upon it. The example I have in mind that many of my classmates would understand is from the short "youtube" clip that Ozayr showed everone in class last week. The clip showed a foriegn architecture student with a unique and "twisted" design of a skyscraper (pun intended). The design was transformed from the preliminary layout in order to accomplish what was required of the building and remain structurely sound. Design is changed and manipulated every day to reach an ultimate goal.

So for now I hope this is satisfactory. I will get a better understanding of layout and whatnot for the next blog.