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Three killed in Wyoming

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A man killed three people, including himself, Friday morning in a Wyoming college class, CNN reported.

Police said there were no guns involved and the assailant used some type of sharp object to kill the victims.

Fox News reported police found the suspect and one his victims dead in the science building. The other was cadaver was found roughly two miles away.

One of the victims was a woman, and two were men, police said.

Authorities don't think the attacker was a student at Casper College, where the murders took place, but it's believed he knew the victims.

After the attack, Casper College and other Natrona County schools went on lockdown.

Man, police engage in shootout after traffic stop

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Three police officers and a 22-year-old man engaged in a shootout in Minneapolis late Wednesday night, the Star Tribune reported Thursday.

Minneapolis resident David T. Embaye was wounded near E. 38th street and Columbus Ave. S. Embaye fled police and then shot at them.

According to the report, Embaye shot at officers Walter Alvarado, Omar Foulkes and Brandon Kitzerow. The officers fired back and wounded Embaye. He was hospitalized and is expected to survive, according to a report from the Associated Press.

Minneapolis resident Tom Hake, 57, said he heard at least 20 shots from while he was at his home on E. 37th Street and Chicago Avenue.

One bullet made way its way into his home and hit a dresser at the end of his bed. But it didn't hit him.

Embaye is under arrest at the hospital, according to the Star Tribune.

Target Center held up

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The Timberwolves have been seeking renovations for the Target Center for a while now, but there are still cost disputes holding them up, the Star Tribune reported.

Renovations are supposed to start in May 2013. The city of Minneapolis and the Target Center, however, haven't agreed on who will pay what, the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal reported.

According to the report, city and team officials have met twice but still haven't agreed on how to split costs. Estimates have reportedly fallen in the past year-and-a-half from $150 million to $100 million.

The city of Minneapolis' lead official on the project, Jeremy Hanson Willis said he was frustrated that no deal had been done.

"We've said that we need to have significant private contribution in order for us to do this renovation," Hanson Willis said. "And we don't yet have confirmation about to what degree the private sector is going to contribute to this."

Minneapolis wants private and public funding to go into the project equally.

48, maybe more, dead in train accident in Egypt

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A speeding train crashed into a bus carrying children and killed at least 51 in Assiut, Egypt, on Saturday morning, the Associated Press Reported.

Transport Minister Mohamed Rashad resigned, as did the head of railways authority, Reuters reported.

The report said the crash broke the bus in half and all but two of the children died. The children ranged in from 4 to 8 in age. A woman and a bus driver also died.

Egypt's transportation system has been subject of criticism for many years and Egyptian citizens have complained about the government's complacency with the system in place.

Families of the victims protested at the crash site. Doctors said many of the bodies were mutilated and dismembered.

One dead after crash in East Bethel

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A 24-year old woman died after a two car crash on Saturday morning. Two other victims are hospitalized, the Star Tribune reported.

According to the report, two vehicles crashed shortly before 9 a.m. near the intersection of Viking Boulevard and Breezy Point Drive. Rescue crews arrive to find a vehicle turned over in the ditch.

The dead woman was found inside of it.

KSTP reported the people in the other vehicle, a 16-year-old driver and 46-year-old passenger, were taken to Mercy Hospital in Coon Rapids.

The dead woman's victim has not yet been released. She was from Blaine.

13-year old Palestinian boy killed

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A 13-year old Palestinian boy was shot and killed in Gaza on Thursday, CNN reported.

The Gaza Health Ministry announced the death and accused the Israel Defense Forces of murdering the boy.

"Hameed Abu Daqqa was killed by an Israeli military helicopter after being shot in the head while playing football with his friends east of Khan Younis," Ashraf al-Qidra, a ministry spokesman, said.

According to the Times of Israel, three other Palestinians were injured in the strike, too.

The boy was killed around noon, and the Gaza Ministry spokesman said he died in the hospital.

His burial is scheduled for Friday.

Note about Analysis:

I accidentally worked ahead a week in the analysis and I posted the numbers one last Sunday.

Explosion near Indianapolis kills at least two

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An explosion late Saturday night in Richmond, Ind., killed at least two people, according to a report from USA Today.

The explosion, which took place at around 11 p.m., forced authorities to evacuate the neighborhood. Two houses were destroyed immediately and some nearby houses were set on fire.

The explosion rattled some houses, knocked shelves off walls and scattered debris throughout the neighborhood.

Officials say at least 31 houses were damaged by the blast and the estimated damages are upwards of $3.6 million, the Associated Press reported.

People whose houses were not damaged extensively were allowed to return to their homes later that night.

Officials are investigating the explosion and have not determined what caused it.

McHale leaves team for family matter

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Houston Rockets head coach Kevin McHale missed his team's game Saturday night to tend to his daughter, who is ill, the Los Angeles Times reported by way of the Star Tribune.

The Rockets announced the move, and Kelvin Sampson, a Houston assistant, will coach the team while McHale is away.

According to the Associated Press, McHale called Sampson and asked him to coach the team.

''Hopefully whatever the family matter is, it gets taken care of,'' Sampson said. ''That's the most important thing.''

Sampson coached the team to a 96-82 victory over the Detroit Pistons on Saturday night.

There is no timetable for McHale's return. McHale is a native of Hibbing, Minn. He played his college basketball at the University of Minnesota from 1976-80 and spent 13 seasons with the Boston Celtics before being inducted into the basketball hall of fame in 1999.

25 dead, almost 100 injured in train accident in Myanmar

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25 people died and almost 100 people are injured after a train accident in Yangon, Myanmar on Friday, the Associated Press reported.

The accident happened when a carriage full of fuel exploded in flames.

According to a report from Reuters, the train was carrying fuel and derailed.

The cars flipped near a village, petrol spilled and trapped people in the fire. Fuel is a scarcity in Myanmar as 60 million people live on farms.

Myanmar is one of the poorest countries in Asia.

Record number of votes cast on election day in Minn.

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Minnesota voters set a new record for total votes on Tuesday's election day, the Minnesota Secretary of State's office said.

The Star Tribune reported Wednesday that 2,938,947 votes were cast in the presidential election. In the 2008 election, 2,921,147 cast ballots in the presidential race.

Minnesota Public Radio reported
the percentage of eligible voters that voted was slightly lower than it was in 2008.

These statistics are based on the reports from 99.93 percent of precincts, and there are still more precincts that are going to report.

Minnesota's highest percentage of eligible voters was in 1956, when more than 83 percent participated in the elections.

Analysis: Numbers

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Numbers are oft-used in news stories to provide context and in some cases, they can drive the story.

This story is about box office numbers and the top-grossing movie this past week.

The whole story is about dollars and which movies are the highest-grossing. The financial numbers drive this story.

The dollar figures tell us a number of things: The ubiquity of the movie. How many people went to see the movie. What kinds of movies are popular in our society.

We can take a look at these stats week after week and compare them to find out where our interests (as a society) lie. aggregated the information and the Star Tribune cited it. Number are also used when talking about something that effects a lot of people. Statistics are also oft-used in sports stories, too.

These numbers are definitely not overwhelming. We've seen more mind blowing numbers in the past and the reporter did very little math here, too.

The FBI will likely question a suspect regarding the death of a U.S. consulate in the next few days, CNN reported Sunday.

Ali Ani al Harzi, the suspect in question, reportedly posted details about the attack to a social network as it was happening.

Harzi is being held in Tunisia, and according to Fox News, the man must be questioned under Tunisian sovereignty.

U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans were killed Sept. 11 in what's believed to be a per-meditated attack that took place in Benghazi, Libya. The attack made waves nationally and its aftermath has been a focal point of media coverage since it happened.

CNN also reported that facial recognition technology confirmed Harzi was at the attack. Interrogators hadn't had access to Harzi until now.

Horses linked to drug cartel auctioned

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Dozens of horses authorities say were linked to a Mexican drug cartel are being auctioned in Oklahoma City as part of the Heritage Place Fall Mix Sale, the Associated Press Reported Saturday.

340 horses were auctioned in total, several of which were bred from some top-tier American race horses.

The AP reported the government is hoping to earn several million dollars at the sale, though official acknowledged seizing horses and auctioning them is out of the ordinary.

15 people in all were charged in the horse/drug scandal, and its suspected those charged made millions in the trade, which involved horses.

Several of the horses had interesting names, like Big Daddy Cartel, but those involved say the names have nothing to do with the drug trade.

Carcass found in burning Minneapolis home

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Firefighters responding to a house fire in North Minneapolis found a dead body inside the burning house, the Star Tribune reported Saturday

According to the police, firefighters arrived at a burning house near the 3800 block of Humboldt Avenue N. at roughly 8:15 p.m. Friday night, and found a dead man inside.

Police are unsure how the man died, KSTP reported, and homicide detectives are investigating the death.

The Hennepin County Coroner's Office will release the man's identity. The house was blocked off by yellow police time as recently as Saturday morning.

MSU coach denies videos contain pornography

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Minnesota State University head coach Todd Hoffner spoke publicly for the first time since being charged with child pornography in August, and denied videos of his children were pornographic.

Hoffner, 46, took the stand in front of a Blue Earth County district judge Wednesday and asked him to dismiss those charges, the Star Tribune reported Thursday.

Hoffner's testimony capped a nearly three-hour hearing, where his attorney, Jim Fleming questioned investigators about if the videos they saw on Hoffner's phone were really pornographic.

An IT-technician discovered images of Hoffner's young children, which were deemed to be pornographic, when he was attempting to fix Hoffner's phone after it malfunctioned

Blue Earth County officials referred the images to prosecutor Michael Hanson, and decided to make the arrest afterwards.

KSTP reported Hoffner's wife, Melanie, defended her husband and said the videos were innocent family moments.

The videos included Hoffner's naked children dancing and laughing, Hoffner said.

Sheriff's Capt. Rich Murry called the images "very disturbing."

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