Man, police engage in shootout after traffic stop

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Three police officers and a 22-year-old man engaged in a shootout in Minneapolis late Wednesday night, the Star Tribune reported Thursday.

Minneapolis resident David T. Embaye was wounded near E. 38th street and Columbus Ave. S. Embaye fled police and then shot at them.

According to the report, Embaye shot at officers Walter Alvarado, Omar Foulkes and Brandon Kitzerow. The officers fired back and wounded Embaye. He was hospitalized and is expected to survive, according to a report from the Associated Press.

Minneapolis resident Tom Hake, 57, said he heard at least 20 shots from while he was at his home on E. 37th Street and Chicago Avenue.

One bullet made way its way into his home and hit a dresser at the end of his bed. But it didn't hit him.

Embaye is under arrest at the hospital, according to the Star Tribune.

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