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Como Zoo Names Baby Orangutan

The Como Park Zoo has chosen the name Jaya for the baby orangutan born Dec. 13, the Pioneer Press reported. The zoo announced the name Monday after a four-week contest that let the public vote by donating money toward their favorite choice, the Star Tribune reported.
Jaya, which means “celebration� in Indonesian, beat out the other choices of Pandu and Bejo. The zoo raised $767.52 in the naming contest.
The new name is fitting; Jaya and his mom, 20-year-old Sumatran orangutan Markisa, struggled through a difficult birth. After having trouble during labor, Markisa underwent a Caesarean section at the University of Minnesota Veterinary Medical Center, the Pioneer Press reported. The procedure was only the ninth performed in over 1,600 captive orangutan births, the Star Tribune reported, and the first for the Como Park Zoo.
Then, Jaya was in critical condition his first few days of life, struggling with breathing problems and fluid in his lungs, the Pioneer Press said.
However, when the zoo announced the name Monday, both mother and son were doing well, posing for pictures in their holding area.
“[The name] reflects not only the success of the baby boy, but the success of the mother," Como Park Zoo lead orangutan trainer Megan Elder said. (Star Tribune)