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Coon Rapids Toddler Suffers Third Degree Burns

A 3-year-old Coon Rapids girl suffered third degree burns over 50 percent of her body after her dress caught on fire Tuesday, ABC Newspapers reported. Jadea Oldenburg was in critical condition in Hennepin County Medical Center as of Thursday.
Jadea was with her mother, Amber Oldenburg, in their apartment when the fire occurred. ABC Newspapers , a website that consolidates three local newspapers, reported that Oldenburg was in the bathroom when she heard her daughter screaming. Oldenburg rolled the girl on the carpet to extinguish the flames, cut her dress off and put her in the bathtub before calling paramedics.
When firefighters arrived, Jadea was not crying, but standing and looking at her burns, which covered her body from chin to knees, ABC Newspapers said. Coon Rapids Fire Marshal Todd Williams said Jadea is expected to be hospitalized for two or three months.
According to KARE-11, authorities are not yet sure how the girl’s dress caught fire, but reported that firefighters found candles burning in the apartment as well as a lighter and matches. ABC Newspapers reported that the fire is believed to have been accidental and started when the girl was playing with a candle or matches.
The Coon Rapids Fire Department is using this incident to teach the public about candle safety. “Blow the candles out. Even if there are no kids in the house, pets can knock them down,? Coon Rapids Fire Prevention Specialist Chuck Fleury said. “Matches and lighters should be put away where no one can reach them but adults.? (KARE-11)