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Schools Stop Serving Beef After Animal-Cruelty Investigation

On an order from the state education department, metro area schools stopped serving beef in their cafeterias after a slaughterhouse that supplies meat to the federal school lunch program was investigated for a possible animal-cruelty and food safety violation, the Pioneer Press reported.
The California-based slaughterhouse is being investigated by the USDA after the Humane Society released video footage showing workers mistreating sick cattle by kicking, shocking, and prodding them with the blades of a forklift. Processing these diseased animals could result in a spread of E. Coli, salmonella, or mad cow disease to humans.
The Star Tribune reported that St. Paul schools had received a 40,000 shipment of ground beef from the company and have served nearly half of it. They will not use the remainder of the shipment.
As of Thursday, there had been no reports of food-borne illnesses in either St. Paul or Minneapolis. "There is no immediate health risk that we are aware of," Department of Agriculture Secretary Ed Schafer said. (Pioneer Press)