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Severe Weather Kills 55 in Southern United States

Tornados killed 55 people in Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky and Tennessee Tuesday night in the deadliest storm of its kind to hit the United States in 20 years, CNN reported. Many residents had very little or no warning that the bad weather was approaching.
The Federal Emergency Management Agency was sent out to aide with the disaster. Thousands of buildings were destroyed. Pictures on CNN.com showed cars smashed and thrown on top of one another.
On Tuesday night, CNN reported many personal stories from victims of the storms. In Tennessee, a baby was found alive 250 yards away from the body of its mother. A tornado struck Union University in Jackson, Tenn., trapping students in dormitories. One resident took his children to the local storm shelter when he heard the sirens. They escaped injury, but he called his community “total destruction.?
Throughout the week, CNN continued reporting personal stories. On Wednesday, CNN gave a detailed account from a Union University student who huddled in her dorm bathroom throughout the storm. This article also gave several personal quotes from victims. "We had a beautiful neighborhood; now it's hell,? Bonnie Brawner of Tennessee said.
On Thursday, CNN told the story of a Tennessee woman who watched her brother-in-law die in the back of a pick-up from his injuries sustained during the storms. An Alabama couple and their 19-year-old son were killed when a tornado struck their home 3 a.m., Wednesday. An Arkansas letter carrier had built her home in an area that she thought would be protected from tornados. She was killed in the storm and her teenage daughter and husband were injured.
Thursday, the BBC reported that President Bush offered prayers for the victims of the storm. "I do want the people in those states to know the American people are standing with them," he said.