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Woman Thrown into Highway during Road Rage Incident

A man threw a 34-year-old Prior Lake woman onto a highway following a road rage incident, WCCO reported. Jennifer Boulden landed in the middle of Hwy. 169 northbound near Shakopee, suffering injuries to her back and head.
Boulden, a mother of five, had missed her exit and had made a legal U-turn, the Star Tribune reported. According to WCCO, Boulden then cut in front of a pickup, whose driver immediately began honking and motioning for her to pull over.
Boulden complied, hoping to apologize, the Star Tribune reported. “I rolled down my window and he's just screaming profanities at me,? said Boulden (WCCO).
The man walked away from Boulden, but she followed him, still attempting to apologize, the Star Tribune reported. Frightened, Boulden tried calling 911, but the man grabbed her cell phone. He then grabbed Boulden and tossed her into the highway.
Many drivers pulled over to help Boulden, including Jessica Uitermarkt and her father, who carried Boulden onto the shoulder of the road, the Star Tribune reported.
Police have not been able to identify the suspect, but say he is white, in his 40s and has graying hair, the Star Tribune reported. Witnesses were not able to get his license plate number.
Boulden was released from the hospital Thursday afternoon, the Star Tribune said. She will have to use a walker to get around, WCCO reported.
While data is not kept on road rage incidents, State Patrol Lt. Mark Peterson said he believes aggressive driving is becoming more common and offered advice. “Do not play the game,? he said. “Disengage at the earliest opportunity.? (Star Tribune)