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Kansas Woman Stays in Bathroom for Two Years

A 35-year-old Kansas woman required surgery to remove a toilet seat after she reportedly sat on her boyfriend’s toilet for over a month, CNN reported.
Pam Babcock’s boyfriend, Kory McFarren, told police that his girlfriend had stayed in his bathroom for around two years due to a phobia that stemmed from childhood abuse. KSN did not mention her phobia as a possible reason that Babcock stayed in the bathroom, though the source did make it clear that she did so voluntarily.
“It just kind of happened one day; she went in and had been in there a little while, the next time it was a little longer. Then she got it in her head she was going to stay -- like it was a safe place for her,? McFarren said (CNN).
McFarren would bring Babcock clothes, food and water, and ask her to come out everyday, he said. In the beginning, Babcock would move around the bathroom to bathe and change. But authorities believe she sat on the toilet without moving for over a month.
Police received a 911 call Feb. 27 from McFarren. CNN reported that he told dispatchers that his girlfriend was acting “groggy,? as though she didn’t know where she was. KSN reported that McFarren called only because Babcock wouldn’t come out of the bathroom.
When police arrived, they found Babcock, fully clothed and sitting on the toilet, her sweatpants around her thighs, CNN reported. They had to use a pry bar to remove the toilet seat from the toilet, and then transported Babcock to the hospital by ambulance to have the seat removed from her body.
CNN reported that Babcock was in fair condition in a Wichita hospital Wednesday, though she had nerve damage in her legs and may have to be in a wheelchair.
KSN spelled the boyfriend’s first name as “Corey,? where CNN reported the spelling as “Kory.? Also, KSN did not give Babcock’s name until the very last sentence. Throughout the rest of the story, she is simply referred to as “the woman.? Possibly, the source did not want to give her name, but accidentally put it at the end.