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New York Taxi Driver Admits He Lied about Abandoned Baby

The Washington Post reported that a 44-year-old New York City taxi driver who left a 6-month-old girl at a fire department Feb. 28 claiming she was left in his cab has admitted to police he made up the story.
Ecuadorian immigrant Klever Sailema said he was trying to help the baby’s overwhelmed family. The baby’s mother is a 14-year-old girl who ran away after she had a fight with her father, the BBC reported. According to the Washington Post, Sailema said Maria Siavichay, 21, his girlfriend and the child’s aunt, asked him to drop the baby off because he was the only one in the family in the country legally.
“I feel bad, but ultimately I feel like I did the right thing,? Sailema said. “My intentions were not to lie to the police.? (Washington Post)
Sailema was arrested March 1 and charged with criminal facilitation and falsely reporting an incident. Siavichay was charged with criminal facilitation. Both were released without bail, but will appear in court on April 7. Police are seeking the baby’s father, Siavichay’s 27-year-old brother. The baby’s mother will not likely be charged because of her age.
“These are good people, and this was a case of people doing their best to do what they thought was right for the child,? Kevin Faga, Sailema and Siavichay's lawyer, said. (Washington Post)
The baby has since been placed in a foster home. The BBC reported that the baby had not been named while the Washington Post said the baby’s name is Daniella.