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Nickelodeon Universe Opens in Mall of America

In a grand opening expected to draw thousands, Mall of America unveiled its remodeled Nickelodeon-themed indoor park Saturday, the Pioneer Press reported. The mall spent $25 million to renovate the park, turning the generic Park at MOA into Nickelodeon Universe.
Renovations incorporate Nickelodeon’s signature orange color, statues of popular characters (Spongebob, Dora the Explorer, and Blue), a new food court that offers trendy and healthy fare, and five new rides aimed mostly at adults and teens. Existing rides have also been newly-themed to reflect Nickelodeon’s presence.
The only ride that has not been updated is the log chute. The mall wanted to use Nickelodeon’s green slime in the ride, but nixed the idea because of cost. However, the mall hopes to update the ride with in the next three years. An additional $5 million has been allocated for further park renovations.
Mall of America considered many brands before choosing Nickelodeon, KARE 11 reported. “They're the No. 1 brand with children,? Mall of America spokeswoman Maureen Hooley Bausch said of Nickelodeon.
As a result of the remodel, the park’s ticket prices have gone up for the first time in three years, the Pioneer Press reported. For example, the most popular buy, the all-day wrist band, now costs an extra $5, rising in price from $24.50 to $29.50.
Still, the mall hopes that the makeover will increase visitors to the park by 10 percent. They report that there has been a drop in the number of visitors since 2005, when the park was named Park at MOA after a deal could not be reached to keep the Peanuts characters and the Camp Snoopy name.