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Plane Crashes in Residential Area in UK

Two pilots and three passengers were killed when a small plane crashed in a residential area in Kent, England Sunday, the BBC reported. CNN reported that the planes occupants were unaccounted for, but did not report any deaths.
Both articles reported that two people on the ground were also injured. BBC said that both suffered shock, while CNN reported that one was treated for shock and the second for an asthma attack.
CNN reported six fire engines were dispatched to the scene while the BBC said eight were sent.
Rescue crews were unable to reach the crash site for three hours, CNN reported, because of safety dangers. “There is aviation fuel involved, and also gas canisters have been located at the scene of the incident,? Ian Todd, assistant director of operations for London Ambulance Services, said (CNN).
BBC reported that the plane, a commercial flight bound for France began experiencing problems shortly after take-off and had asked permission to re-land. The plane went down before it could make it back to the airport.
Both sources reported that witnesses heard a loud roar and saw the plane flying with its tail lower than its nose just before the crash.
Both also included an account from a pilot named John who was flying a plane in the same area as the crash. CNN reported that John said he heard distress calls indicating the pilot of the crashed plane was having engine vibrations. BBC gave more of John’s account. He heard the pilot say, “We’re going down? before the radio went dead.