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Family’s Dog Shot with Bow and Arrow by Neighbor

The Star Tribune reported that a Lino Lakes family’s dog was killed after being shot with an arrow last month. The Neuberger family is now looking to press charges against their neighbor, who WCCO reported as being 21-year-old Erick Maxwell.
On March 21, Rhonda Neuberger had let their 3-year-old beagle mix, Wally, outside at 9 p.m., the Star Tribune reported. She said she was doing laundry when she heard the pet yelp. When she and her husband, Edwin, ran outside they found the dog with an arrow through his body.
Edwin pulled the arrow out, but the dog had suffered broken ribs and punctured lungs. The family wrapped Wally in blankets and rushed him to the vet, but the dog died before they got there.
“I felt his last breath. It was his last breath as soon as we opened the door to take him to the vet,? Edwin Neuberger said (WCCO).
Police found a trail of blood leading next door, to Maxwell’s house. The Star Tribune reported that they had found an arrow in Maxwell’s basement. They also reported that Maxwell originally told police he was sleeping in his house, but later said he had been hunting fox in his backyard.
WCCO reported that Maxwell said he had shot a coyote before admitting to shooting the dog.
Maxwell was arrested the evening of March 21 and booked into Anoka County Jail, WCCO reported. He was released three days later, pending on the conclusion of the investigation, the Star Tribune reported. Maxwell could face animal cruelty charges, a felony, WCCO reported.
WCCO reported that Maxwell’s father said his son said the shooting was an accident.